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Use spaces for all your work

Spaces are a new way to facilitate spontaneous (ad-hoc) collaboration to keep your remote teams engaged. Each space is always connected, reducing the risk of social loafing and anxiety. Eliminate the need for endlessly re-connecting to video calls, countless meetings and random chat windows.

Feel like you are there

Step into a room to discuss, collaborate or just hang out with your colleagues.

Share your screen, use flip charts and whiteboards, stay on track with team dashboards and get your ideas across.

Stay transparent

Each employee has the ability to join any space and know who is working on what.

If you do not want to be disturbed, you can move to a quiet room that is specifically designed to help you to focus on work.

Build a strong company culture

Remote work can make you feel isolated, reducing your overall productivity and motivation.

Use breakout rooms to communicate in smaller groups, freely express your ideas and get to know your colleagues.

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Enterprise Features

synchronize with user accounts, rely on advanced security features and actionable analytics, and enjoy an on-prem version with maximum security and compliance


invite unlimited guests, meet them in the lobby and walk them to the meeting room

Meeting Tools

smart tools to manage your activities, quorums to quickly set-up a retrospective, schedule Rooms, and stay organized with calendar integrations and reminders


work with your existing workflow and the tools you already use, concentrate on content sharing, process automation, messaging - you name it!


intelligent helpers built to automate and bring in additional features: Soundman checks your audio equipment, Scribe prepares a meeting transcript, and Page does your chores

Always-on Rooms

join a room with HD-Audio and Video - hear, see and create together, participate in daily standups and even hang out by the watercooler!

Collaboration Tools

see what your team is working on and join them with a click; share screens, whiteboards, dashboards, coediting and many other tools for your remote team's productivity

True multi-platform

remote no matter the platform - work at home, in the park of docking with Soyuz


protected and with compliance: full encryption, advanced authentication, audit trail and an on-prem version with full control over your valuable data